Control valve industry in China's manufacturing strengths and weaknesses analysis

Published: 31st March 2010
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1, China's advantages in producing control valve

1. Labor cost advantage of manufacturing process control valve is a large part of metal processing, that is, the use of machine tools, in accordance with the requirements of the production drawings of various shapes of parts and then assembled into products by the workers. As the valve type of complex is not yet automated assembly production, human labor cost share of the total cost of very large, so in the labor force in China's valve industry, the cost may still possess a huge advantage, the FISHER from the 70's the United States to establish a joint venture in Tianjin enterprise since Japan has already KOSO, YAMATAKE, Germany, SAMSON, EBRO, ARCA, the United States, TYCO, FIOWSERVR valves such as the world's giants in the domestic set up joint ventures or wholly-owned manufacturing enterprises, greatly reduce the cost of production, the rapid expansion of its products in the Chinese market share.

2. A huge market advantage with the global industrial transfer, as well as the development of our national economy of energy, the huge demand for light industrial products, China in the petrochemical, chemical, electric power, iron and steel in construction projects inundated, from the last century, 90 start of the decade, foreign chemical giants began to increase investment in China, according to statistics, the world's 500 strong almost all large-scale petroleum and petrochemical companies have invested in China, factories set up here. The world's top 75 chemical producers, Dow Chemical, DuPont, ExxonMobil, Huntsman, GE, BASF, Chevron - Phillips, Shell, BP, Rohm and Haas, A Tuofei Na, Degussa and other companies have settled in China a large scale. The face of this huge market demand, domestic enterprises have a huge competitive advantage from the market recently, the market reaction to the most sensitive, in the production, delivery areas than foreign enterprises with strong competitiveness, which advantages, is the foreign enterprises can not. Control valves because of its smaller individuals, their production cycle is very short, in the case of raw materials, complete their production cycle time of no more than a week, this time asking for the advantages of reflecting the growing demand can be transformed for competitive advantage. And foreign products sold to the mainland, they must also consider transportation costs, tariff costs and other factors, will inevitably reduce its competitiveness in the domestic market.

3. The advantages of processing technology valves and control valves in the general body of the processing, the current level of domestic production in developed countries has reached 90 years or even higher level. In particular, the ordinary iron and steel casting, cutting and other processing, our country's products have been TUV certification, such as the European Union, the product has been able to enter the European market. This is what we are throughout the valve industry's largest technical advantages, we are lagging behind than in developed countries, but compared to other developing countries and regions in the world, our technology is leading. We not only can, such as Latin America, the Middle East export full range of valve products, we have also been able to export our processed parts of Europe. As our country's products in the electronic communication, the continuous improvement of production technology, if we are able to master the field of control valve control elements of the design and production technology, we have the field of control valve technology can be rapidly improved.

Second, our control valve of the inferior

1. The gap between the quality of products through the survey found general agreement that domestic enterprises and foreign enterprises of domestic control valve of the gap in 5-10 years, however, most of that foreign-funded enterprises and foreign enterprises of domestic control valve of the gap between more than 20 years. Domestic enterprises believe that the advantages of foreign control valve products, mainly in product quality, brand and corporate power. Through investigation, there are more than 60% of the companies believe that domestic control valve in the main deficiencies in the quality of life is short, appearance quality is not high, there is one-third of enterprises believe that the internal leakage and the implementing agencies unreliable domestic control valve defects, other , there is a small part of the enterprise that domestic control valve defect lies in the material, the control precision are not allowed, stability and security is not enough.

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